Committed to Christ & the Ministry of His Church.   
Membership? Membership is choosing to support this local church with our prayers, our presence, our gifts, our service & our witness.  Membership to the church is open to everyone.  We are not a church filled with perfect people, we make mistakes, we admit that we don't "have it together" all of the time.  But we are a church in love with Jesus.  We trust in His ability to work through us.  Membership to this church is a way to pledge our commitment to the work of Christ within this group of believers and within our lives.  We are better together and we want to be in ministry together with you!



Step 1:
Attend the "Discover First" Membership Class - Come and discover more about our beliefs, our traditions, and the ins and outs of ministry at Huron First UMC through casual group conversation and a time of Q & A with the Pastor. Upon completion of Discover First, you may choose to take the next step whenever you are ready.  This class is held periodically throughout the year. Indicating you are interested in attending this class, allows us to contact you when one has been scheduled.  
            Sign up or Request more info. on the "Discover First" Membership Class.


If you are already a member of a United Methodist Church you may simply notify the church office of your desire to transfer your membership to Huron First UMC.  The church office will notify the church in which your membership resides & inform them of your intent.   You may still choose to attend the "Discover First" Membership class if you wish.  This is a great opportunity to learn more about Huron First UMC and also get connected to others who may be new to the church.

               E-mail the church office with questions or to transfer your membership.

Step 2:
Share Your Membership Vows - We ask everyone to accept their vows of membership during one of the worship services.   We find it important to make a public declaration of  commitment to those you are in ministry with.   We're in this together!  


Step 3: 
If you have not already, get involved in the life of the church! As members of First UMC we pledge to support the church through our prayers, our presence, our gifts, our service & our witness.  Not only is it super fun to get involved but it is vital to the ministry of the church that everyone get connected so they can connect others! 


Interested in more Information about Membership?