Huron First United Methodist Church

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2.18.18 - Message 1 of 7 SERIES 2.18.18 - Message 1 of 7

Scripture: Matthew 4:1-11
Pastor Jeff Lathrop

2.11.18 - Message 6 of 6 SERIES 2.11.18 - Message 6 of 6

Scripture: Psalm 50
Pastor Paul Manson
Theme: Remaining in Covenant…

2.4.18 - Message 5 o f6 SERIES 2.4.18 - Message 5 o f6

Scripture: Psalm 14
Pastor Jeff Lathrop
Theme: Thanks for God's…

1.28.18 - Message 4 of 6 SERIES 1.28.18 - Message 4 of 6

Scripture: Psalm 111
Pastor Paul Manson
Theme: God of Provision


JOHN: The Gospel of Light & Life

JESUS is the Light & Life that we all seek whether we know it yet or not. His life, ministry, death & resurrection provides us eternal life!

A Peek Behind the Curtain

Who do you think God is? What image do you have of Him? GOOD NEWS! He wants us to know him & a look in Psalms will help us discover Him!

Christmas Eve Candlelight 2017

the Christmas Eve Candlelight service is filled with hope and assurance in our Savior Jesus Christ who is the Light of the World.


JESUS delivers the gift of Hope and just as He was Sent...Now So Are We!